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I usually don’t get too wrapped up in the going ons of Avril Lavigne, but I found it humorous that the authorship of her songs is coming into question. In our weird age of “everything is possibly true except what is obviously true,” this comes along. It seems apparent that Avril Lavigne is as fabricated as Jessica, Britney, Christina, boy bands and all of their compadres. I think a lot of people have been fooled who think just because Avril brandishes a guitar and dresses more tomboy than slutty, she must be for real. I prefer the slutty look myself, but that is another matter entirely. Anyway, my theory is that a good 75 % of the artists that get solid exposure are put together, staged, contrived, and not at all what they seem. I’m talking about every kind of music. I mean how come everyone is so good looking and where are all the fat people? Does everyone you know look hot and in shape?

Most of this shit isn’t real. However, let us not be too judgemental, because who among us wouldn’t auction off our souls for the lavish lifestyles these people have. Trust me, most of us have sold our souls for much less. I mean given the choice, i’d much rather make millions singing “Skaterboi” than work in satellite cube world making beans. Wouldn’t you? Besides, even a good portion of what is called “indie” these days is bullshit. There is no difference anymore. Except well, i’d rather be a rich whore than a poor one.

Below you can see the article on yahoo which includes a song by song comparison with two of Avril’s songs:Avril

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