Album Review::Savath & Savalas – Golden Pollen

Guillermo Scott Herren has released Golden Pollen under the Savath & Savalas moniker on Anti records. Savath & Savalas is sophisticated organic arrangements that range from complex pop to more trance like structures. Their symphonic music is filled with everything from harmonium, flamenco guitar and vibraphone to moog synthesizer. Paisaje has a psychedelic intro which morphs into a transcendental/Eastern myopia. The more straight forward Estrella de Dos Caras features Jose Gonzales and backwards loops on what is the closest Golden Pollen comes to a pop melody. Olhos is a short danceable piece with a latin acoustic jazz feel. The record is filled with hazy segways, drones, and chant like structures which come in and out of focus throughout Golden Pollen. The music is sometimes beautiful and hypnotizing and at other times full of stress. It is this dynamic tension which makes Golden Pollen a strong piece of work.

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