Album Review::Fionn Regan – The End Of History

In terms of the folk singer or singer/ songwriter thing, many attempt the masquerade, however few artists go the distance. The dividing line is authenticity. It really requires little investigation to tell if a singer means what he says. It is all about feeling, and we can quantify and qualify all we want, but the reason we listen to music is because of how it makes us feel. You can study up on all the prerequisite listening like some musicians do, but if it isn’t in you, it isn’t in you. In the end they wind up being a dime a dozen “artist” whose light might have shined briefly, but in the long run they will ultimately be viewed as mere pastiche of the the times. Every once in a blue moon an artist like 26 year old Irishman Fionn Regan comes along and gives some hope that there is more to the music scene than a bunch of posturing and decorum. It is all in the ears, as it should be.

From the moment Fionn Regan’s The End Of History (on Lost Highway Records) begins with “Be Good Or Be Gone,” it is obvious that this is going to be a good one. The music ranges from folk style to more straight forward songs which seem a little too heartfelt to be called pop, no matter how melodious they are. Overall, all of the songs have an emotional characteristic which will draw the listener into the tune. Album closer “Bunker or Basement” starts with a riff on the acoustic and then the piano comes in to adorn Fionn Regan’s voice on this bittersweet slow burner.

When I first heard Fionn a few years back I was drawn to the guitar playing and the lyrics, but the voice is great, because it has this serious but hopeful tone that glides over the music. Finally, if I had to file Fionn Regan somewhere it would be in the “I’ve kind of got a heavy heart, but I can definitely see past this nonsense section”.

Be good or be gone video preview
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Fionn Regan Tour Dates:
21 Camden, NJ – Wiggins Park
24 New York, NY – Joe’s Pub
26 Toronto, ONT – Rivoli
28 Chicago, IL – Schuba’s
31 Seattle WA – Sunset Tavern

04 San Francisco CA – Café Du Nord
07 Los Angeles CA – The Hotel Café

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