Album Review::Once- Music from the Motion Picture

Once, the music from the motion picture is a soundtrack comprised of songs done by Glen Hansard with some addition by Marketa Irglova. I really don’t know too much about the film other than it is Irish and about music. There is nothing really bad here, in fact some of the songs are pretty good, but after the opener Falling Slowly, the album never gets any better. Falling Slowly is by far the flagship song, with its choral intensity and Ida-ish harmonies and character, and the slight channeling of Cat Steven’s a’la The Hurt. When Your Mind’s Made Up is another nice mid-tempo number acoustic/full band number with a good mood, and a story I’ve lived myself. The fully electrified Trying to Pull Myself Away picks things up, providing the most melodious number on the soundtrack. The songs are generally low key dramatic semi-emotional acoustic numbers that sometime lean in the Damien Rice direction, and get close, but never quite makes the mark, as on the closer Say It To Me Now. Who knows, if I see the film the songs may make more sense, but after the opener it just never got to where it wanted to take me.

Once Movie Trailer

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