Album Review::Bad Religion – New Maps Of Hell

Bad Religion recently released their 14th album New Maps Of Hell on Epitaph records. Bad Religion outlasted most of their peers by simply writing better songs with better lyrics. New Maps Of Hell is easily their best work in the last near decade and a half. The album includes several tracks such as New Dark Ages, that are as melodic as any of their earlier work. The anthemic Requiem For Dissent is a pounding speed demon which some textbook Bad Religion harmonies. Grains of Wrath is my favorite song and perhaps the most classic sounding, with its’ ghost rider surf like riff, catchy chorus, speedy delivery, and the best harmonies on the album next to the infectious Scrutiny. There are a couple of tracks that drag a little like Lost Pilgrim, but the album generally moves at a healthy pace. Finally, while there is nothing new from the band on New Maps Of Hell, longtime fans should find it to be their best record in a long while.

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