Artist Spotlight::John Martyn

With a voice sounding like something from heaven combined with his masterful strokes on the guitar, John Martyn has been one of the standouts from the British folk tradition for ages now. For me, his heartfelt songs are literally a breath of fresh air made for the warm weather. He has been making music since the mid 60’s and has countless great records. My two favorites are Solid Air which was released in 1973, and Bless The Weather which came out in 1971. The title track of Solid Air was penned for Martyn’s friend Nick Drake, at a time when Martyn was concerned about Drake’s mental state. Those two records – Bless The Weather & Solid Air are great summer Sunday afternoon records. The laid back sounds are the perfect soundtrack for drinking mimosas and bloody marys, or just hanging out on your porch relaxing. No doubt, more than a few good times have been had with this recipe. At the least, throw on a John Martyn record and let the love flow.

John Martyn video:

John Martyn live 25 July 1976 – July Wakes Festival:
Spencer the rover.mp3Solid Air.mp3 ***

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