Album Review::The Icarus Line – Black Lives at the Golden Coast

The Icarus Line have released their latest album Black Lives at the Golden Coast on Dim Mak records. Black Lives at the Golden Coast shows an improved Icarus Line as it starts out strong with rockers Black Presents and Fshn Fvr, both heavy on the drums. By the time the Stooges like Gets Paid comes on, the record is in full stride. Slayer switches gears and predominantly uses the drums and bass and acoustic guitar to get the tune across. The title track is another stooges like straight forward charger that picks up the intensity after the more subdued Amber Alert. The effects laden guitars and relaxed vocals dominate the more 90’s shoegazish number Frankfurt Smile, which is followed by its’ antithesis the fuzzed out stoner number Victory. What I find most enjoyable about this record is how different the songs are from one another. Black Lives at the Golden Coast is a rock bonanza that cycles from era to era, borrowing everywhere from the 60’s, the 70’s, the 80’s, stoner psychedelic rock, and mixing in some 90’s American shoegaze along the way. Black Lives at the Golden Coast is the Icarus Line’s third record, and undoubtedly their best release.

video:Black Lives at the Golden Coast
Frankfurt Smile

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