Artist Notes::Manraze

Sex Pistol Paul Cook and Phil Collen from Def Leppard have a project called Man raze. Work is now completed on their debut album, titled “Surreal”, which is due out in September 2007. “Surreal” shows what an extraordinary combination Man Raze are – the raw energy of the Pistols mixed with the immaculate pop rock of Def Leppard, a unique clash of 70’s simplicity with 80’s excess, punk clubs with stadium rock! Whether it’s the punk vibrancy of “Turn It Up”, the beautiful rock craftsmanship of “Every Second Of Every Day” or the reggae-soaked dub mix of “Runnin’ Me Up”, “Surreal” is an album generated by the classic 3-piece rock combo and proving that regardless of reputation or past works, a great song is a great song.
running me up
skin krawl **

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