dvd review::GG Allin – Hated special edition

Director Todd Phillips’( Road Trip, Old School and Starsky & Hutch) first film Hated:GG Allin & the Murder Junkies, has been re-released in special edition format with new footage and other bonuses. The film was originally a student project at NYU, that went on to become the highest grossest student film of all time. Like watching a horrific accident, you will be as compeled to watch as you will be repulsed. This dvd is stocked full of footage of GG attacking crowds and the crowds fighting back. Fans will also be treated to interviews with GG’s high school friends from his hometown of Concord, Vermont, and a new rare interview with GG’s mom.

GG Allin is one of those rock oddities that exist outside of the reign of normal purpose. The question that must be asked is “was there a purpose beyond pure sado-masochistic drive for destruction?” Undoubtedly, GG wanted to destroy himself and everyone around and the music was more or less a vehicle for his chaos. Things were so extreme, that according to GG’s brother and bandmate Merle, they never planned on finishing a tour, because of two things: prison or hospital. For the hardcore GG obsessive, GG was punk incarnate, having the courage for real social defiance. For the rest of us, GG’s legacy is that he goes down as rock n roll’s ultimate car crash, in that we didn’t want to look, but the voyeur inside wouldn’t let us take our eyes off the most grotesque and vile thing we ever witnessed.

Hated preview video
New Bonus Materials:Special poster offer – John Wayne Gacy’s GG portrait
GG Allin temporary tattoos
Exclusive interview with Merle Allin & Dino Sex
Art Gallery from cover contest
Ultra rare interview with GG’s mom
Three music videos
Commentary tracks by Todd Phillips, Merle Allin & Dino Sex

Featuring The Songs:
Die When You Die
Gypsy Motherfu*kers
Fu*k Authority
Suck My Ass It Smells
I Want To Kill You
Bite It You Scum
When I Die
Highest Power
I Kill Everything I Fu*k
(The Aids Song)
Look Into My Eyes & Hate Me

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