Notes::Tegan & Sara hit top 40 with The Con

Tegan & Sara have scored their first top 40 album, reaching #32 on the top 200 with The Con.

check out their brand new video: “Back In Your Head”

Plus… taken from deluxe DVD packaging, Tegan And Sara are offering a behind-the-scenes look into the making of their new record, The Con, with video chapters for each song featuring commentary from the matching-in-plaid trio of Tegan, Sara and Christopher Walla. Check out three sample chapters below to see the Quinn sisters going through the rigors of recording, naming the record, and discussing album artwork with an array of guest contributors including Matt Sharp (ex-Weezer / The Rentals), Jason McGerr (Death Cab For Cutie) and Hunter Burgan (AFI).
“The Con” [Video Chapter] The Con
“Back In Your Head” [Video Chapter]
Back in your head
“Hop A Plane” [Video Chapter]
Hop a plane

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