artist spotlight::Clockclean Er

Welcome to Clockclean Er. The group has released a 12″ ep , two singles and one full length lp. They have played 137 shows. They have toured four times in the US. They have several friends. More enemies. They are fine with that, all of it. It is now 2007. They have a second full length LP, Babylon Rules, out Oct. 2 on Load Records. They were named “the most hated band in Philly” by the Philadelphia Weekly just last week. They come together to form the band CLOCKCLEAN ER and bring to you now the album entitled BABYLON RULES on Load Records. Stray shards of guitar semen, sex bass and pounding irritations strewn about as tales of used up whores, sad voyages, Mexican women and father issues are played through instruments recorded on tape.

vomiting mirrors.mp3

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