Artist Spotlight::Little Name

Sleepy Records is proud to announce the release of one this year’s most stunning debuts, How to Swim and Live, from the Liverpool one-man-band, Little Name. It’s an astonishing LP, with Little Name wunderkind Lee Barker playing every instrument (save guitar on one song and female vocals, of course), including strings and horns, and crafting sweet, orchestral Bacharach-tinged indie pop in the vein of Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura. How to Swim And Live was conceived, played, recorded and mastered by Liverpudlian Lee Barker, the songwriter behind Little Name. Lee created How to Swim And Live after many years of suffering with panic attacks that kept him isolated at home. Unable to play live, Little Name has garnered a following through various electronic means and thusly found the confidence to talk about a problem that affects many who are often too afraid and embarrassed to speak up.

littlename – tracy and i.mp3littlename – how to swim and live.mp3

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