dvd review::All My Loving

On September 18, MVD Visual will release Tony Palmer’s masterpiece All My Loving, a film about the effects of pop culture in the late 60’s. The aesthetic value of pop music has always been challenged, as pop has generally been viewed as low art. With the prompting of John Lennon, Tony Palmer set out to film many of the sixties most vibrant groups, including Cream, Donovan, Paul McCartney, The Who, The Animals, Zappa and some others. The film seamless flows through the most magnificent music culture this world has ever seen, and at a time when many of these future legends were without real tv exposure. The idealism is rampant and exemplified by Donovan’s rant about a “merging of all art” including writers, film makers, musicians, painters… into one entity to control the market under one roof. These artists thought collectively that the power of music could change the world and All My Loving is Tony Palmer’s representation of those ideas.

All My Loving was filmed when these artists were at their creative peak and at a time when pop music was going through a lot of changes, becoming more complex and turning into rock. At the same time, the influence of LSD had changed music even more as “hard edged” symbolism had been exchanged for the imagery of flowers and such, but the hardness was making a quick return. The movie is a great document of this period and includes many highlights such as footage of Zappa and his war on apathy, Eric Burdon singing “When I think of all the good times that i’ve wasted having good times,” and the The Who and Pink Floyd stuff, which is just priceless on its own . All My Loving will be a treat for anyone who has an interest in sixties pop culture, but music fans especially will delight at much of Tony Palmer’s magnificent footage.

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