Shoot’in The Tube:: Gone Thrifting Lately?

I had the rare moment to hit a couple of thrift stores – something that may have happened more often in the past, to rumage through their bins of ole smelly LPs. While doing so I happened to stumble upon what probably aren’t rare finds but stuff that I wouldn’t mind owning on vinyl, epsecially for less than a buck – I picked up various records from the 60’s and 70’s – early Oliva Newton John, Harry Nilsson, Hermans’s Hermits, Paul Revere And The Raiders and a slew of others. Nothing like the warm sound of vinyl! What do you do next? Well ya hit the good ole youtube to find clips…you’d think they would have better videos for Nilsson or even some good early Oliva..sheesh! check ’em out:

Herman’s Hermits “No Milk Today”

Harry Nilsson “Everbody’s Talkin'”

Oliva Newton John “Take Me Home Country Roads”

Paul Revere & The Raiders “Too Much Talk”

For more information:
Hermans’s Hermits:
Harry Nilsson:
Oliva Newton John:
Paul Revere & The Raiders:

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