album review::Rilo Kiley:Under The Blacklight

Last week Rilo Kiley released their fourth record Under The Blacklight on Warner Bros. The album is Rilo Kiley’s first since 2004’s More Adventurous. In some ways Under The Blacklight is familiar Rilo Kiley, only more polished. The album splits time between electronic pop and more southern locale sounds, and occasionally intermingles the two. Sometimes Jenny Lewis’s accent seems a little more profound on songs like the rootsy “15” while it becomes milder on the synth pop of “Give A Little Love,” which shows Rilo Kiley exploring their r&b side. Single “Moneymaker” has a chorus with a lead of “ah ah ahs…” which will taunt the listener into thinking the band is going to slide into “Staying Alive,” but of course the moment never comes on this back to the seventies tune. Title track “Under The Blacklight” is one of the standouts with its straight forward structure and resounding chorus which eventually fades to electronic beeps and buzzes. Although Rilo Kiley are trapped in the conundrum as to whether they wish to sound like Neko Case or a modernized Olivia Newton John, longtime fans will still be able to find something they like on Under The Blacklight.

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