Release News:: The Thrills Back With "Teenager"

The Dublin band’s third LP is due for release on Capitol Records on October 23rd. The Thrills previous releases – 2003’s debut “So Much For The City” and 2004’s disappointing follow up “Let’s Bottle Bohemia both were recorded in California – this time out they’ve moved up North to Canada to record with Tony Hoffer (Beck, Air, etc.) I’ve heard a few tracks via their myspace page – which you can also catch a glimpse of their first single/video “Nothing Changes Around Here” (Out Now) it sounds already like a nice return to the promising pop of their debut – remember their Beach Boysesque sound? I think I hear some Byrdsy guitars…
The Thrills “Teenager” track listing:
1. The Midnight Choir
2. This Year
3. Nothing Changes Around Here
4. Restaurant
5. I Came All This Way
6. Long Forgotten Song
7. I’m So Sorry
8. No More Empty Words
9. Teenager
10. Should’ve Known Better
11. There’s Joy To Be Found
12. The Boy Who Caught All The Breaks [hidden track]
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