artist spotlight::The Mabuses

Who are the Mabuses? Well, it’s difficult to say, really. It’s a band, it’s a collective, it’s one guy…hell, it’s all of these things. They’re multi-city, multinational, multitalented, and many other multis. Some might say it’s Kim Fahy (formerly of the Assassins) and people who have played with the Jesus and Mary Chain, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Love Spit Love, Lloyd Cole, and Loop Guru, among many others. I’d say the Mabuses are a common vibe and a common energy dedicated to a kitchen sink approach to wonderful pop songcraft. The third record, Mabused, a sprawling quirky masterwork that has no paucity of great ideas. They just keep rolling out the hits until the very end. There are shades of XTC, Syd Barrett, Beta Band, Olivia Tremor Control…you know, the good ones. It’s not just some indie band getting lucky and knocking a few out of the park. This is a band of real thinkers (or perhaps the work of one thinker?) putting together an exuberant and inventive rock album after a mysterious 13 year absence (preceded by a couple of great discs on Rough Trade UK). Welcome back the Mabuses!

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