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I didn’t watch the video music awards last night, but I have seen the return performance of a pop star. Of course everything is well calculated and the probability of unplanned missteps on the scale of last night at the awards show is unfathomable. At this point the question as to what happened to the art of lip syncing has become redundant. What is MTV foreshadowing or at least hinting at by showcasing such a visual disaster? Certainly it wasn’t a signal that music is creatively bankrupt, because that has been evident for a while. And no doubt MTV is well aware that after a couple of kids and numerous less than glamorous incidents (bad publicity that wasn’t good publicity) captured by the media, Ms. Spears has expired. So why did MTV choose to showcase the lady on their flagship awards show? Had the performance come off inspired and near perfect would it be nearly as important (if we pretend that this matter is important)? Not to mention MTV was supposedly attempting to breathe new life into an awards show that has fallen off the map the last several years, with a revamped formula of more performances and less awards time. Perhaps it is all the late night AM radio I’ve listened to lately, but I just have to wonder.

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