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The other day I had an old “remember when” discussion with friends. We brought up a bunch of stuff like: remember when Saturday mornings were cool? Growing up in the 70’s you got a glimpse of some left over trippy-psychedelic shows/commericals from the 60’s – Some of us remember the Sid & Marty Kroft shows – and alot of these “Children’s” progamming had it’s musical tie-in’s – and of course with youtube, the finds were endless. Here are some of those trippy discoveries – some are pretty common, others maybe not so – Paul if you’re reading this, I know you know all of these…

The Monkees “Kool Aid” 1970
These set of Kool Aid commercials began airing in 1970 when the Monkees TV show began airing in reruns on CBS TV. Peter Tork had left the year before – check out Micky and Mike’s enthusiasm – classic!

The Bugaloos “Opening Theme” 1970

You may remember the more popular Sid & Marty Kroft creation – “H.R. Pufnstuf” (1969) – their next creation for NBC TV, from 1970 (and for some reason people don’t remember as much) The Bugaloos – four British teens who’s theme is reminiscent of the bouncy pop of The Monkees Theme. The show only lasted 17 episodes.

McDonalds “McDonaldland” commerical 1971

The popularity of H.R. Pufnstuf in the early 70’s brought many folks wanting to licence the characters for commericals – unfortunately that never materialized legally and McDonalds decided to go at it on their own, thus creating this kinda famous commercial with that Outasite song…groovy huh?

Mulligan Stew “Theme Song” 1972

Although I don’t think this one ran on Saturday mornings, it has a bit more Sesame Street/Electric Company vibe to it, but still incorporates that “band/group” theme that seemed to be a bit popular on TV in the 60’s/70’s and somewhat in the 80’s – and not many people remember it either – but yeah I know someone of you totally do! Throughout each episode the “Stew” would preach about nutritious eating – remember 4-4-3-2?

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Mulligan Stew:

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