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I’m standing here listening to Anne Murray’s “Love Song,” accompanied by a background of rain and the occasional drunk cackle from across the street. I know it sounds cliché, but something about the rain and AM seventies just go great together. On a similar note, it is late and it is time to get self-indulgent, and I can’t deny that sometimes at the end of the night what I fantasize about the most is to be at a karaoke bar. Often I come home late and proceed to play an assortment of classics which sound the way I want to feel. It is during those same moments when all at once I have been sure I could nail “There’s No Getting Over Me” by Ronnie Milsap, if I just had an audience. It has been said that you can’t plan epiphanies, but this has been happening to me lately.

Anyway, so I know I really shouldn’t give mating advice, but if you find yourself in a karaoke bar there are options if you’ve got the right group of folks. There are some songs which tend to bring some quality attention and simultaneously act as a filtering device if you execute them well. I mean do you really want to be with a woman who doesn’t get what you’re expressing when you do a song like “Love on the Rocks?” Moving on…, Gino Vannelli’s “I Just Wanna Stop” is a sexy number, which if you can get through the first line of “When I think about those nights in Mon-tre-al…..,” you will surely be rewarded later.

Whatever you do don’t try to pull off Paul Davis’ sentimental epic “I Go Crazy.” I know in theory it sounds like a great idea, but even if you do it well the song just has a way of making everyone feel weird.

And who among us hasn’t felt this way before…

First they say they want you
How they really need you
Suddenly you find you’re out there
Walking in a storm
When they know they have you
Then they really have you
Nothing you can do or say,
You’ve got to leave, just get away
We all know the song
-Neil Diamond “Love on the Rocks” 1981

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