album review::Black Francis:Bluefinger

Last week Cooking Vinyl released “Bluefinger” the long playing return of Black Francis, recording under his Pixies moniker in place of Frank Black, for the first time since the band called it quits. Overall the music is louder, more upbeat, trashier, and more reminiscent of the classic Frank Black material that fans prefer. “Bluefinger” is inspired by the life of Herman Brood, the Dutchman known for his painting, music, and self destruction. Right from the start, opener Captain Pasty jets out of the gates with its choppy guitars. Then the Black Francis’ screech breaks open the most Pixie-ish song on the record – Threshold Apprehension which comes complete with vampy keys. You Can’t Break A Heart And Have It offers up more screaming nasty rock n roll and features his wife Violet on supporting vocals. Finally, “Bluefinger” is probably the best thing he has done since the Pixies and furthermore a welcome departure from whatever obsession which has plagued him for years.

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