album review::Matt Pond PA:Last Light

Matt Pond PA releases “Last Light” on Altitude Records on September 25th. The album is the band’s seventh and first full length since the stellar 2005 release “Several Hours Later.” Topping “Several Arrows Later” is a large drink to suck down, but rest assured “Last Light” is stock full of songs about the dangers of breaking things down too much, and wondering how people can be having so much fun when what they’re doing isn’t really that interesting. Matt Pond PA descriptions used to characterize his music as chamber pop, but the chamber elements have been substituted for more solid straight forward production on “Last Light.” The album opens full swing with the title track and then moves into the upbeat People Have A Way, which is textbook Matt Pond only more poppy than usual. Things then tone down just a little for Locate The Pieces, where Matt declares that “lately I can’t recognize what’s right from what is wrong.” My favorite track on the album is Basement Parties which has some good lyrics and a chorus which takes you away, rivaling any of Matt’s best efforts. While this album may not top “Several Arrows Later,” “Last Light” is reassurance that Matt Pond PA is surely trying.

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