review::Flight of the Conchords:The Distant Future

The fourth most popular novelty act in New Zealand Flight of the Conchords released their “The Distant Future” ep on SubPop over the summer. Bret and Jemaine have come along way since their days of mime guitar and “The Distant Future” showcases how adept they are at real guitars. Maybe it is because they’re New Zealanders that their brand of humour comes across with charm and sophistication. Or, perhaps it just the fact that the acoustic love funk of Business Time or the slinky slow jams like The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room, that these guys create are both truly original and at the same time mimicing the masters while adding in some magnificent deadpan humour. Generally, I don’t like comedy or zaniness in my music with the one exception of Zappa, but I guess now I have two. There is a lot to learn from Flight of the Conchords on this ep, including the fact that banter is simply professional talking. If you are one of the many that has seen their HBO series, or heard their BBC Radio 2 series, then you are already converted; if not check out Business Time below. There is joy to discover on The Distant Future and its’ six studio and live tracks.

Business Time live

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