album review::Bella:No One Will Know

Today Bella release their Mint records debut “No One Will Know.” Bella are known for their exciting live shows where audience members are often treated to spontaneous dance explosions. “No One Will Know” was recorded with the help of some of Bella’s friends like Roddy Bottum & Will Schwartz (Imperial Teen) and Jason Martin (Starflyer 59), while also joining forces with producer Dave Carswell of JC/DC Studios (Tegan & Sara, New Pornographers). “No One Will Know” lays it all down, and comes stacked with a lot of great hooks and some of the most exciting syth/guitar pop to come out in a while. There is enough diversity in the song writing on “No One Will Know,” to keep the listener engaged and entertained. The keys are utilized on some songs more than others, like Don’t Sleep Alone where the sythesizers at one point sound off a New Orderish interlude. Songs like Ocean or a Lakeshore brings the male vocals to the forefront on this straightforward guitar tune, whereas Settle Down is a female fronted minimilist piece. If pop is your thing, then look no further than Bella’s “No One Will Know,” which is certain to make you do the worm, or at least tap your feat.

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