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Dangerbird Records released Eulogies self-titled debut last week. I’m not saying these bands sound alike, but when I listen to the Eulogies album, the songs give me the same feeling I get when I throw on a Reigning Sound or old Grifters album. I guess the things they all have in common are that they are all strong guitar bands with fairly simple song structures that are both powerful and full of changes that draw you in. While I’m not sure what any of the songs are really about, while I’m listening they all seem to make perfect sense. What I do know is that on one of my favorite songs – Little Davie, Davie lied to get a job so he could get on top, and while he made the big time, he never got any relief. My favorite track is the opener Inward, which starts with syth humm, which cuts abruptly to just the electric and the vox briefly before the song just explodes and the bass and drums just pound a rhythm that makes you want to go conquer something. Speaking of bass and drums, Big Eyes is a departure from the guitars and more of a hypnotic piece that revolves around an effected guitar riff that comes in and out while the bass pulses. The album comes to completion under the auspices of one of the albums darker tracks – Blizzard Ape, which begins with the words “Eyes without a…,” which sends my mouth straight into Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without A Face,” which is where the Billy Idol and Eulogies’ comparisons begin and end.
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