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Division Day are giving us another exclusive new cover song or remix every Tuesday for 8 weeks to celebrate the release of Beartrap Island (iTunes: Sept 18, in stores Oct 2.) This week’s offering is a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence”, from their 1990 seminal album Violator. According to the band..
“this song became a regular band-van jam in the last year, due mostly to kevin’s long-lived love affair therewith- he claims an intense affinity with “silence” since early childhood. when the covers project idea started getting bounced around, this was sort of a shoe-in- a perfect pop song with an elegant melody, tantalizingly simple, but iconic enough to make the undertaking not a little foolishly hubristic. kevin wanted to playfully undermine the original’s electro leanings by building the song on a foundation of tube-overdriven acoustic guitar, and this became a great spring-board for increasingly organic textures. i wanted to make the song a kind of conversation between raveled anti-fidelity and unlikely grandeur.”
Division Day:

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