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On October 9th, 4ad will be releasing The Modern Tribe from the Baltimore group Celebration. The Modern Tribe includes cameos by Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), TV On The Radio, and members of Antibalas. I saw Celebration at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill a couple of years ago and I was blown away at how their sound just took over the room. Furthermore, it was great to see singer Katrina Ford, whose vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Siouxsie, spend a good portion of the show down on the floor singing within the audience. From the onset Celebration will deliver you to the outer reaches with their spellbinding drums and endless cacaphony of often unsettling organ and vocals, which set the stage for the wonderful frenzy that is The Modern Tribe. My favorite song “Evergreen” has this great outro ….at the sundown…at the sundown, and you can check that one out below. “Heartbreak” is another standout, and it is bit cheerier than some of the other tracks and seems to be a favorite amongst those who have heard the record. Overall, I say to hell with singles, because this one is meant to be listened all the way through. Consider yourself warned, The Modern Tribe will make you think you’ve stepped into some bizarro shaministic universe that somehow makes sense, but you have no idea why.
Celebration – Evergreen
Check out the “War” video from their self-titled record

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