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Brighton’s The Go! Team recently released Proof Of Youth on Sub Pop Records. Proof Of Youth is the follow up to 2004’s Thunder, Lightning, Strike, the album that first showcased The Go! Team’s colourful amalgamation of hip hop, tv soundtracks, samples, 80’s MCs, 70’s pop, dance beats, and a love of Sonic Youth. From the opening hit “Grip Like A Vice” to the close, it is apparent that The Go! Team have tried not to stray too far from the strengths of Thunder, Lightning, Strike, although the Sonic Youth influence seems to have all but disappeared on Proof Of Youth. “Doing It Right” has the sound of a classic Motown number, only with vocal cheering and the feel of some lost Saturday morning cartoon theme. On a similar note, “Fake ID” continues the dance party with a cross between sunshine pop and Jackson 5, only with child like vocals, which continue on with “Universal Speech” with its’ 80’s style rap. “Keys To The City” combines the cheerleader vocals with the sound of jump rope chants and a nice outro. The dance party continues with the horn laden “The Wrath Of Marcie,” which has verses that sound like a twisted, but cooler version of the Spice Girl’s Wannabe. In finale, Proof Of Youth may not be as ground breaking as Thunder, Lightning, Strike, but there is still plenty for fans to enjoy.
Grip Like A Vice

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