album review::Sea Wolf:Leaves In The River

Seawolf release their full length Leaves In The River today on Dangerbird Records. The album is full of Alex Church’s songs which range from the more sedate acoustic “The Rose Captain” to full band expositions such as “The Cold, The Dark & The Silence,” all of which explore different moods and come handcrafted with a nice literary element. The songs are diverse and all very episodic, displaying varying degrees of mood and temperment. Once again I was left confused when I heard Seawolf’s “You’re A Wolf” on the radio while I waiting for my food at a shop. I had to think for a moment what I thought about a song that I like being on a station that could potentially be playing Nickleback. Well after careful consideration I still think the song is quite catchy and like a lot of Seawolf songs, it has a certain “je ne sais quoi.” “Black Leaf Falls” is my favorite track on Leaves In The River, because it feels like it is being broadcast from some centuries old European town square, and oh I think I hear a harpsichord in there as well. I guess the thing about Sea Wolf that makes the music interesting is that the songs aren’t only diverse stylisticly, but more so the songs ring out as if they are documents from an array of times in the past, which have been floating in space for time eternal.

don’t forget to check out Sea Wolf on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight

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