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Thrill Jockey releases Tunng’s Good Arrows today. It is the band’s first on Thrill Jockey, but their third overall. Tunng has been the musical vehicle of Mike Lindsay and Sam Genders, but Good Arrows sees the duo adding more musicians to increase the number to six, so as to create Tunng’s first real band record. The group continue their “folktronic” escapades with acoustic guitars and a variety of sounds both collected and created. All of that combines with very smooth and subtle vocal harmonies that serve as yet another instrument amongst the procession of sounds that materialize and transform the music into mesmerizing sequences. The tone of the record for the most part is dark and laid back, but there is plenty of melody to be found on songs like “Bricks,” which all but invite you to join in with the harmonies. My favorite song on the record is the closer “Take,” with its’ winding harmonies and music which evokes images of men in jester’s hats singing nordic sea shanties that come in and out of phase.
check out a couple of tracks from Good Arrows in real audio:
bricks rambullets ram

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