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Division Day’s Beartrap Island will finally officially be released tomorrow on Eenie Meenie records. The album is filled with songs that not only vary widely amongst themselves, but for the most part contain unorthodox structures. Musicly, Beartrap island contains some well thought out lyrics, colorful guitar lines, nice use of keyboards, and enough melody to provide all the feeling you need. Beartrap Island begins its’ journey with the title track, and a synthesizer which resembles a backwards loop, with slowly seeping vocals and talk of dirty kids with insects in their mouths. “Ricky” then breaks the album wide open with pounding drums, eratic buzzing guitars, and an energy you probably aren’t expecting. “Catch Your Death” comes along and slows things down, acting as a nice setup for the drifting “Hurricane” which has a bridge that really makes the tune for me. One of my favs is “Lights Out,” which winds Beartrap Island up a little more with its’ noisy shimmering guitar and drums, that create a feel that compliments the singer’s frustation with the words coming out wrong. Then comes the mellower “Head to the Sound” which is framed by drums and keyboards, and comes complete with lyrics that kind of float over the music. “Tigers,” is one of Beartrap Island’s standouts, starting a bit slow and lackluster and winding up in a marvelous frenzy with vocalist Rohner Segnitz repeating “I want your blood inside my head.” Finally, there is so much more to discover on Beartrap Island, but why listen to me talk about it when you can decide yourself.
check out some songs from Beartrap Island:

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