album::Robert Pollard:Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love & Standard Gargoyle Decisions

I will always remember the first time I saw Robert Pollard live. It was ages ago at a show at NYC’s Under Acme, and while the hooks and high kicks were in full parade that night, what stuck out in my mind were the 15 or 20 Coronas he finished off on stage. I swear he downed one between every song and we all know how short those GBV songs are.

Anyway, the man whose music was a bright spot during a musical decade plagued by blandness and rock stars who didn’t want it, is back with two new records on October 9th. Coast to Coast Carpet of Love and Standard Gargoyle Decisions are proof that Pollard has managed to get away from shooting the basketball for at least a little while. Maybe, if we’re lucky these albums are foreshadowing a return to touring, which Pollard has said in the past he won’t do anymore. He maintains that these albums are an expression of the Freudian divisions of his psyche with Coast to Coast Carpet of Love being his poppier Beatles side and an extension of his id. Standard Gargoyle Decisions represents his rougher Stones side and his ego, with himself being the Super Ego.

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