album::Bear in Heaven:Red Bloom of the Boom

One of my favorite records of late is Bear in Heaven’s Red Bloom of the Boom, which comes out later this month on the excellent Hometapes label. This album is full of great adventure, made up by cascading guitars, mysterious segways that lead to pleasant surprises, and trippy psychedelia that makes your band sound like Dinah Shore. Daydream-and-goosebump-inducing vocals glide over walls of melodious distortion, building songs that are unapologetically epic. It is pleasure protracted, climaxes flashing well into songs that are complete sonic sentences. If you’ve tired of predictability and have a disdain for weirdness for weirdness sake only, then the wonderful alchemy of Red Bloom of the Boom may be the mind expanding journey you’ve been waiting for.

For Beauty
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