album review::Scout Niblett:This Fool Can Die Now

Next week, Scout Niblett’s fourth album This Fool Can Die Now comes out October 9th. The record was recorded by Steve Albini and Will Oldham costars on four songs. From the opener “Do You Want To Be Buried With My People” with its’ magnificent duets, through to the end, this album feels a little different from her other work. Speaking of duets, the most powerful use of the vocals is on the sometimes restrained “Kiss,” which has some builds where their voices no longer sound like the bag of rusty nails a lot of us love, but have assembled to become far more than the sum of their parts. In fact, it almost feels like she is having a Bjork moment during the climax of the drums and vocals only “Moon Lake.” “Let Thy Heart Be Warned,” has a wall of heavy guitar that really takes what would otherwise be a rather pedestrian “butterflies in the park” type of song, and gives it edge. “River of No Return” is another duet with Will Oldham, and comes complete with feathery orchestration that make it seem like it belongs in a technicolor film. “Comfort You” is the final of the four duets and in some ways is reminscent of an old church hymn and is even touching at times. Maybe it is the duets with Will Oldham, but This Fool Can Die Now sounds like the best record Scout Niblett has made, even though a song or two could have been left out. Moreover, This Fool Can Die Now shows a desire to escape the faux-Appalachia sound, and find her own singularity.

video:kiss(with Will Oldham)

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