dvd review::Bob Mould:Circle of Friends

I have always thought of Bob Mould as not only one of the most influential guitar players out there, but in my mind he has often been the perfect guitarist and songwriter. There are few others that can even compare to Mould’s penchant for melody combined with very loud ferocious guitar. So, I was very excited to be able to sit down and watch Bob Mould:Circle of Friends, which comes out October 9th. The films was captured during an October 7th, 2005 performance at the 9:30 Club in D.C. Bob is assisted by Washington D.C.’s legendary drummer Brendan Canty(Rites of Spring, Fugazi), Richard Morel, and Jason Narducy. The group perform a variety of songs from Mould’s solo work, Husker Du, and Sugar.

The sound and video are impeccably captured on Circle of Friends, which is notably the first time Bob Mould has authorized a fully live concert release. There are several highlights and serving up of the old hits, and at least a few casual displays of guitar theatrics on the part of Mould. The majority of the songs are taken from 2005’s Body of Song, with 1992’s Copper Blue coming a near second. The standouts in my opinion come from the Husker Du songs, that for the most part have all been at least minorly reworked, with special attention being played to the slow impassioned performance of “Hardly Getting Over It” from Husker Du’s Candy Apple Grey. These new takes show that even when you strip the noise a little bit, you reveal more of the song. Another great moment is the “See A Little Light” performance, which is sadly the only song from Bob’s first two solo records. There is also a nice pre-show interview which introduces the band members and shows them and Bob discussing how they met and really gives off the sense that these guys enjoy playing with each other. I think a lot of folks have been waiting along time for this one.

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