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The liner notes for Kurt Cobain:About A Son, Music From the Motion Picture state that the best way to make a rock star feel uncomfortable is to play one of his hits when he walks in the room. Well, most of us probably don’t get too many opportunities to make rock stars ill at ease, the message is understandable, and serves to explain why there are no Nirvana songs on the soundtrack. About A Son is a film that takes audio from 25 hours of unreleased audio taped interviews with Cobain, depicting the world through his eyes; while the soundtrack is a mixtape of some of the artists that meant so much to the deceased star. The music is made up of many Pacific Northwest artists, and others such as Bowie, Butthole Surfers, Iggy Pop, Lead Belly, R.E.M, and Half Japanese. Dispersed between the 21 tracks are five interview segways with Kurt Cobain discussing everything from his hatred of speed metal, love of punk rock, and what it was like for him to hear his music on the radio for the first time. In terms of highlights, this whole album is full of standouts, like Mudhoney’s “Touch Me I’m Sick,” which to me is the greatest song to come out of that place in time. Then again, how could you ever get enough of the simple quirky melodies of Half Japanese’s “Put Some Sugar On It.” It is also nice to hear the Northwest’s most atmospheric voice – Mark Lanegan doing the acoustic “Museum.” Benjamin Gibbard adds his name to the list of folks who have covered Beat Happening’s “Indian Summer,” lending a pretty straight forward reading of the song while making it sound like his own. Overall, this music just gets me excited to see this film, and more so reminded me just how much was going on musicly in that part of the country in the late eighties – from off-kilter sugary pop, to some of the noisiest and most intense music on the planet.
HalfJapanese:PutSomeSugarOnIt.mp3About A Son trailer

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