album review::Kyle Andrews:Find Love, Let Go

Kyle Andrews has a new record Find Love, Let Go coming out that as far as pop singer songwriter stuff, is near the top of my list. The album was recorded in his bedroom and at friends’ houses around Nashville. Find Love, Let Go is full of nice dark melodic passages and lyrics with fairly heavy emotional content, but ultimately is a pop record. Sometimes you hear a record and it just draws you into its’ clutches, and compels you to want to feel the way the character(s) in the music are feeling. I guess it is at this point that the listener decides to make up what he can’t figure out for sure, assembling his own version of the story. I suppose the danger is that this is often the catalyst for tall tales and such, but hasn’t it been said that “if you tell a lie enough, it becomes the truth?” Having said all that, the title track is a fairly spare full band arrangement that really works well conveying the drama of the song. Incorporating sythesizers and drums to get the point across this time, “Get Mad” follows with what would be the dance hit of Autumn in a more perfect world. Solo acoustic number “Lack Luster Love” is much more introspective, and tells the tale of a hollow man offering all he has. “Flat City” brings the synths into play again, and is reminscent of something by FM Cornog’s East River Pipe. Finally, there are seven songs on Find Love, Let Go, and if you like the music below, then you will be well served.

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