artist::Southerly debuts song a week

Southerly “songaweek” website showcasing leader Krist Krueger’s up-to-the-minute marathon-style songwriting is in full gear after a month of songs. Portland-based record label Greyday Records has debuted a new Southerly song at the site for the past four weeks. The songs were written and recorded in the middle of the night, sometimes mere hours before posting, will continue to surface throughout the remainder of the year, with the last posting on New Year’s Day, 2008. Check out the music below and tell me if “Soldiers” is remiscent of The Divine Comedy.

music:the first month of tracks
young william snow.mp3stay awake.mp3oh claire.mp3split lipped lullaby.mp3

from the album “Storyteller & The Gossip Columnist”
soldiers.mp3dreams that make men free.mp3

soldiers video

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