live::Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Charlottesville, Va., 13th & 14th September 2007

I know that it would take nothing short of a cattle prod to pry most of you away from watching your latest episode of “Lost,” “The Office,” or whatever current fare is floating around your office or social group. So, I take that into account and try to sift through the loads of stuff out there and try to offer you the best in live shows around. No, they don’t come from me. I’m far too irresponsible and frankly uninterested, for carrying around a recording device or holding up a camera at a show. Thank the good Lord for those guys who set up their expensive stuff and capture these events. There are a bunch of you folks out there, and I salute you, because you are the unknown heroes who capture these moments of varying displays of brilliance, or lack there of, for eternity. Time has a way of filtering out the crap, and if trends prevail the best shows eventually will surface. Moreover, I want to thanks the guys like Ryan Adams who allow patches directly into the board. A lot of bands will not let you record them at all. I guess they don’t want the world to know they sound like stale bread live.

Moving on…I’ve talked endlessly about Ryan Adams in the past as so many others have done the same. Ryan has long been known as one of the best contemporary songwriters, but in the last few years he has put together what is becoming a badass band! I think his time with Phil Lesh really inspired Ryan and if you have seen any of his shows in the past few years his live sound is incredible. Nobody was more obsessed with making their sound perfect than the Grateful Dead, and this carries over to both Phil and Bobby’s current bands. I know recently Ryan cut a show early in Minneapolis after becoming frustrated with the sound on a particular night. Well, if your band sounded like his does, you might get pissed off if a particular venue made you sound like ass. Another thing that has happened is that Ryan’s voice has gotten even better. Finally, I think Ryan has long risen above those tired Whiskeytown references that make it seem like that period was the hallmark to validate his potential.
Ryan Adams has been selling out shows left and right on his Easy Tiger tour. Last month, he stopped in my old town of Charlottesville, Va., and played a two night stint at the Paramount Theater. The band brought out a lot of songs from the back catalogue, some great harmonies and guitar work, and all the emotion that comes packaged in a Ryan Adams’ tune. I think Neal Casal’s “Freeway to the Canyon” sounds like a song Neil Finn might have written if he were American.

stream the first night from archive.orgstream the second night from

13th September 2007 setlist:
01 Goodnight Rose
02 Please Do Not Let Me Go
03 Beautiful Sorta
04 The End
05 Dear John
06 Cold Roses
07 What Sin
08 Elizabeth, You Were Born To Play That Part
09 A Kiss Before I Go
10 Nightbirds
11 Wildflowers
12 Sun Also Sets*
13 Off Broadway
01 Easy Plateau
02 Two
03 Rescue Blues
04 To Be Young

14 Sept 2007 setlist:
01 Intro/tuning
02 Magnolia Mountain
03 I Taught Myself How to Grow Old
04 Peaceful Valley
05 Damn Sam (I Love a Woman That Rains)
06 Games
07 Call Me On Your Way Back Home
08 How Do You Keep Love Alive
09 Let It Ride
10 My Winding Wheel*
11 Goodnight, Hollywood Blvd.
12 Mockingbird
13 Goodnight Rose
14 Rip Off
15 Rescue Blues
16 Dear Chicago
17 Freeway to the Canyon
18 Wildflowers
19 Beautiful Sorta
20 Tears of Gold
21 I See Monsters

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