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“If you met a girl and took her back to her room and there were some Nick Drake records, then you were probably going to want to marry her.” This is a statement from the beginning of A Skin Too Few, the documentary included with Drake’s three albums in the Fruit Tree Box Set. The sentiment is clear to any of us who have been touched by the rare fragile beauty of Nick Drake’s music. In fact, if I ever found Nick Drake albums at a girls’ place I would have a heart attack, because I usually find a rag tag collection of bad hip-hop, Bob Marley’s Legend, faux punk, and other typical trash.

At this point it has been many years since I discovered Nick Drake, and I can categorically state that I doubt i’ll ever find another hidden gem filled with so much brilliance. “Things Behind The Sun” from Pink Moon was the first song that caught my attention and I soon began a full fledged love affair with his music. That hot summer long ago, Nick Drake became my little secret that I shared with just a couple of friends, and his music became not just something I enjoyed, but moreso a place I could go when I wanted to get away. I’ve always resented that Volkswagen commercial with the teenagers in a Jetta heading to a party, and then “Pink Moon” comes on and they all of a sudden decide not to go. The whole scene was such a farce, because if those kids were really listening to Nick Drake they would have never been planning to go to the party in the first place.

The Fruit Tree Box Set will be released on November 20th, and includes all three of Nick Drake’s studio albums – Five Leaves Left, Pink Moon, and Bryter Layter. In addition to the his albums, this limited edition pressing (10,000 copies) of “Fruit Tree” includes, on DVD for the first time, the Nick Drake biographical film “A Skin Too Few” and a new 108-page book featuring song by song analysis by producer Joe Boyd, engineer John Wood, arranger Robert Kirby and songwriter/music journalist and friend Robin Frederick. The sleeves feature replicas of the original “Fruit Tree” artwork.

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