album review::Magnet:The Simple Life

Magnet’s fourth album The Simple Life is out on Filter U.S. recordings. The Simple Life is full of sexy pop grooves, often lush instrumentation, talk of love and lust, and overall just something extra I haven’t felt on earlier releases. “You Got Me” begins to a sultry rhythm that is guaranteed to make you want to get nasty if you like to get nasty. This is the hit if there is one, and how can you miss with lines like “Cause it’s not ok to fuck my body, if you’re gonna fuck with my head too.” Even I feel you buddy, because I’ve wanted to tell countless women the same thing. I love the flamboyant pop of “Lonely No More,” which is reminiscent of something Culture Club might have done in their prime, and it even includes harmonica. “She’s Gone” is a breezy island intoxicant complete with whistles, which sees Even channeling Bobby McFerrin and Jack Johnson. I’ve enjoyed Magnet in the past, but only on the level of a quiet passerby who never felt truly drawn to the music. I’m not sure what happened to Even Johansen, but whatever it was gave Magnet the mainline it needed. If you’ve got any life left in you, The Simple Life will have you tapping your feet and doing the worm before you even realize it.


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