great moments in history::Grateful Dead pull out first Box of Rain in 13 years

The Grateful Dead always had an affinity for the Hampton Coliseum. The spaceship held some great Dead shows, and often brought out the more mystical elements of the band. They played many an inspired show at Hampton, not the least of which were those legendary Fall ’89 shows. On the 20th of March 1986, during the second night’s show, the Grateful Dead threw out some of their crazy magic dust in the way of their first performance in thirteen years of the Phil Lesh rare classic “Box of Rain.” It may seem like small potatoes to some of you, but to deadheads this was more than just being about a song; 1973 was a long time ago even then. Moreover, the people in attendance for the most part were well aware of the night’s cosmic significance. I can’t talk about it anymore . Listen below to the crowd go manic as they realize what is going on…..(it is like some of those art flicks – if you don’t think it’s cool, then you just don’t get it). Thanks to for being such a great resource.
box of rain 20 March 1986

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