album review::Emma Pollock:Watch The Fireworks

A record I have been playing a lot is Emma Pollock’s Watch The Fireworks, which came out last month on 4ad. Pollock was part of the Scottish group Delgados, who were by far one of the most overlooked pop bands of the last couple of decades. She has one of those classic pop voices that has such natural character, it makes certain each line has a little more colour. Opener “New Land” is a waltz, which starts with a toast and weighs the merits of retribution. “Here Comes the Heartbreak” has a melody line on the verses which is reminscent of Matthew Sweet’s “I’ve Been Waiting.” While Watch The Fireworks may lack some of the orchestration of her old band, it is far from being a 180, and has enough musically to satisfy Delgados fans for a little while. Call it what you want, but Watch The Fireworks is pop, albeit not necessarily straight forward, but full of hooks and good melodies, and a rich familiar voice.

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