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Masquerading as a music journalist means spending lots of time trying to grab hold of something on an album to write about. Sometimes it is more difficult than others, and in the midst of things good records often get passed over. It should also be of note that these reviews are for the “here and now” and for the most part make no guarantees concerning their future stock options. I’ve heard enough music over the years to know that there are things which are the great for a season, but once that winter has passed, obsolescence takes over. I try to judge records on originality, sound, lyrics, and most importantly how much I feel drawn to the music. Reviews are a funny beast and I think some folks take themselves way to seriously. Or perhaps, I just don’t have the knowledge to analyze music and lay it out in a scientific manner over a decimal system. Besides, how do you objectively measure the soul? It is about the soul isn’t it?

Earlier in the year The Bench Connection released their wonderful full length Around The House In 80 days. The release came with comparisons to Nick Drake and John Martyn. I don’t know about Nick Drake, but this album sounds like something Martyn could have made in his Bless The Weather or Solid Air days. This music is mellow, tranquil, passionate, and well constructed – – a perfect Sunday morning record if you ask me. Not to mention, these guys have a really cool story, but you’ll have to find that one out on your own. This was my summer soundtrack, but I think it is going to serve just fine for Autumn as well.
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