news::Viva Radio presents Joy Division inspired Complete Control Radio

Viva Radio, in conjuction with Rhino records and Anton Corbijn’s theatrical release Control announce the Joy Division-inspired Complete Control Radio. Starting today, October 23rd and continuing through October 30th, with extensive research and help from contributor Dan Selzer, VivaRadio excavates the post-punk vaults for classic and rare Joy Division / New Order / Factory Records material and brings exclusive interviews with band members and affiliates to the online arena. Check out the show and schedule below:

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Tues. 10/23
Complete Control Radio Pt. 1
Known and Unknown Pleasures:Joy Division & New Order

Thurs. 10/25
Complete Control Radio Pt. 2
Lust for Life:Joy Division Influences, Peers, and Followers

Fri. 10/26
Complete Control Radio Pt. 3
Interviews w/ Jon Savage & Matthew Higgs.
Jon Savage is the author of England’s Dreaming, a seminal book about the UK punk scene, and writer of the upcoming documentary about Joy Division. Matthew Higgs is the curator of the White Columns gallery in New York City. As a young teenager and fanzine editor, Matthew’s travels to Manchester lead him to Joy Division’s practice and Factory Records owner Tony Wilson’s desk.Tues.

10/30 Complete Control Radio Pt. 4
Interviews w/ Simon Reynolds & Peter HookSimon
Reynolds is author of definitive post-punk book, Rip It Up and Start Again. Peter Hook is the bass player and founding member of both Joy Division and New Order. In this interview Peter is asked about the band’s working methods and the transition to New Order following the death of their singer.

If you don’t have a chance to check out Complete Control in real time, you can access the shows from their archives ( through the first week of November.

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