notes::Photon Band return to earth after 5 years

On the Photon Band’ first album in over five years, leader Art DiFuria (formerly of the Lilys) has abandoned the solitude of outer (and inner) space to come to terms with this world. Appropriately titled Back Down to Earth (Empryean), the new album features eight outside musicians, including N. E. Farnsworth III from Bardo Pond, Dmitri Coats of the Burning Brides.

While playing guitar for the Lilys in the late fall of 1993, Art Di Furia picked up his favorite astrology mag, Welcome to Planet Earth, and read about a “band of photonic matter” that will envelop the earth and change consciousness forever. It seemed to Art that this explained everything: music of all kinds had been filling his head lately. Sometimes, he’d hear a lyric or a melody. Sometimes he’d hear an entire song with full instrumentation. His dreams featured unreproducable sounds with corresponding colors, and visitations from Jimi Hendrix, Syd Barrett, John Coltrane, and Sun Ra. He had already begun filling tapes with these ideas. Now he began labelling them, “Photon Band.” Now, five full-length albums and a harvest of singles and comp tracks later, The Photon Band return to prosper hallucinogenic solitude.


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