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For Richard Hawley, following up 2005’s Coles Corner was a tall order. When an artist makes a great album they have to live in the shadow of that piece of work, at least for a while. The other thing that happens is it pretty much throws objectivity out the window for most people, in terms of how that new work stacks up in the context of the old. Having said all that, Hawley and his majestic voice are back with Lady’s Bridge and while it may not be Coles Corner, I can’t imagine a Hawley fan who wouldn’t love this record. It seems that he really found himself on Coles Corner, and that Lady’s Bridge builds on much of the same, and in its’ own right comes off as a really good piece of work. As I sift through an album I have heard countless times at this point, I have my favorites, not the least of which is opener “Valentine,” with its’ magnificent build into orchestral delight. Hawley’s baritone croon even switches up the music on the rockabilly tinged “Serious,” and the rootsy “Serious.” Of course, the best song on the album may well be the dark and mysterious album closer “Sun Refused To Shine,” which offers a gloomy forcast for those who believe in something, simply because they want to believe. Apart from being an album that one can almost guarantee in the future will be pulled out right along with his master work, Lady’s Bridge should change the tone of any worthy room the moment it is put on. *
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Tonight The Streets Are Ours

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