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A couple of years back former Silkworm members Tim Midgett and Andy Cohen, joined up with .22 bassist Brian Orchard and former Seam drummer Chris Manfrin to form Bottomless Pit. Next week, Bottomless Pit release their debut Hammer of the Gods on Comedy Plus One. Hammer of the Gods is eight numbers that are often emotionally saturated and carried by drums, slinky guitar lines that sometimes dissappear as quickly as they appear, and distortion galore that is often used for dynamics. Silkworm were one of the nineties better “indie” bands and Bottomless Pit in many ways is a logical progression, with guys who are older now authoring the music. The record has this “can’t keep it inside anymore” feel and a desire to rock out that is evident on the distorted lines of “Dogtag,” and its’ refrain “I saw the connection there on the way down.” “Repossession” has a floating feel where single overdriven notes are held to add splotches of color here and there, and then coming together in a frenzy of sound. My pick on the record is “Leave The Light On” which has a dark mysterious atmosphere constructed with spoken word type vocals, a piano and a fuzzed out bass, and distorted guitars. Speaking of rocking out, “Dead Man’s Blues” comes complete with a classic rockish riff and dive bombing bends, while on the other extreme followed by the much more self-indulgent and reserved standout “Human Out Of Me.” Hammer of the Gods is a solid effort with six songs compelling enough to demand a repeated listen, while the last two songs fade out a bit in the background, with the closer “Sevens Sing” leading the listener into oblivion.


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