album review::Barzin (debut re-issue)

Toronto artist Barzin makes music which is cold, beautiful, haunting and captivating, somewhere in the vein of Low, Tram, Bedhead, Mojave 3(the down stuff), and so forth. Having said all that, Barzin doesn’t break any new ground in terms of musical expression, but as a big fan of this re-issue of their debut record I can assure you that isn’t the point here. This album travels well from beginning to end, with the music and sequencing both being perfect enough to keep one’s attention, while avoiding dragging the listener down with vein repetitions. What adds to this record is that the tone is not one of wallowing in self pity, but more so is a realization that the world is not man’s oyster and so forth. Overall, eight colorful well done numbers, with one of my favorites being “Past All Concerns,” which is reminiscent of the Red House Painters’ tune “Song For A Blue Guitar,” with a bit of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” dripped over it.

Pale Blue Eyes.mp3

“Leaving Time” (earlier Barzin)

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