album::Drive By Truckers: Brighter Than Creation’s Dark

The new Drive By Truckers’ album Brighter Than Creation’s Dark is due out on January 22nd. The artwork was done by dark genius Wes Freed. It should be a good one considering a bunch of the songs have been part of the regular set for a while now, and they all sound nice. (this news is courtesy of

Daddy Needs A DrinkGhost to Most

Track Listing:
Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife (Patterson)
Three Dimes Down (Cooley)
The Righteous Path (Patterson)
I’m Sorry Huston (Shonna)
Perfect Timing (Cooley)
Daddy Needs a Drink (Patterson)
Self Destructive Zones (Cooley)
Bob (Cooley)
Home Field Advantage (Shonna)
Opening Act (Patterson)
Lisa’s Birthday (Cooley)
The Man I Shot (Patterson)
Purgatory Line (Shonna)
The Home Front (Patterson)
Check Out Time In Vegas (Cooley)
You and Your Crystal Meth (Patterson)
Goode’s Field Road (Patterson)
A Ghost To Most (Cooley)
Monument Valley (Patterson)

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